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Sleek, nimble, and light-footed~ this silky smooth hull packs surprising speed for its short length.  This is partly because of the trim beam, which also helps keep the weight low.  Ideal for lighter to mid-weight paddlers, the Bliss can take you to that special "Other Place"~ where the cares and hustle and bustle of the 'real' world just melt away in priceless moments. 

The lofty support of the adjustable seat back assures you a life of leisure while you enjoy your Blissful ride.  And the seat back folds down easily and securely so you can load large dry bags in the amply-sized stern. There is plenty of room in the rear fishnet pocket to store the water bottle and more. 

Adjustable foot braces make it "just your size" and the tie down loops at each end are secure and simple to deal with.  A convenient paddle holding ledge on the side of the boat keeps the paddle handy but out of the way when you are busy with other things.  At 37 lbs it is a breeze to load, transport, and unload.

This Bliss is about being perfectly adapted to your favorite part of the world.  It's about a quiet escape.  It's about you.  Go ahead~ Bliss out.  It's good for you!

  Special features:

  • Cruise effortlessly with performance characteristics of much larger boats.
  • Specifically designed for smaller paddlers under 180 pounds.
  • Loads easily onto even the highest SUV. Let's face it, if you can not lift it you'll never paddle it.
  • Sporty low volume design makes you feel at one with the water.


Standard Features

  • Manufactured from specially compounded
    polyethylene plastic
  • Easy to repair, UV resistant, designed for
    years of care free use
  • 3-year warranty on hull

  • Length 10 ft. 10 in.(330 cm)
  • Width: 25.25 in. (64.14 cm)
  • Weight :37lbs. (16.8 kg) (approx.)
  • *Weight capacity:180 - 200 lbs. (81.6 -90.7 kg)
    • *Depending on water conditions


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