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Best for kids?

Best for kids?

What kayaks are suitable for your kids?

Kayaking is a fantastic family activity and a great way to get the kids outside in the fresh air!

We have a variety of kayaks that work great for kids. The award winning Bliss is a perfect sit in (decked) kayak specifically designed for smaller paddlers.  If you are looking for a sit on top kayak, the Charger and Exhilarator work great for a large range of paddlers including kids and are a lot of fun! If you have very young children they can go along with you on one of our Tandem sit on top kayaks, the Co-Motion or the Tandemonium .

Children must always wear an appropriate sized PFD (life vest) while kayaking. And, never restrain a child in a kayak with a “seatbelt” or in a car seat!

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