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Kayak Transport

How To Transport Your Emotion Kayak

The folks at Emotion Kayaks strongly recommend that you make the investment and purchase a specially designed kayak transport system that will enable you to transport your boat(s) safely and conveniently. Kayak transport systems can be found at your dealer. A good alternative to a kayak rack is a metal roof rack which consists of a set of bars that attach to your car's rain gutters or clip to the top edge of the doors. Metal roof racks come with a variety of attachments, from kayak saddles to stackers. Saddles cradle the boat, while stackers allow multiple boats to be transported next to one another on their sides. Soft racks, a second alternative, are less expensive and consist of pads that rest between your boat and the car roof. Regardless of the type of system you choose, here are a few tips to follow when securing your boat to your car:

• When using a metal roof rack without attachments, be sure to place padding between the boat and rack bars
• Position kayak cockpit side down when securing to hard or soft rack system
• Run 2 straps across boat bottom and secure to bars (hard rack)
• Run 2 straps across boat bottom and through car doors (soft rack)
• Avoid over tightening soft rack system straps -- may cause dents in car roof
• For added security, two additional points of tie down are recommended -- one each from bow to front bumper and from stern to rear bumper (secure to car frame's towing loops)
• Use drainage holes to run line through to prevent boat from slipping backward or forward
• Be sure your kayak is SECURELY FASTENED prior to traveling out on the highway!

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