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Kayak Storage

How To Store Your Emotion Kayak

Emotion kayaks incorporates an added amount of ultraviolet inhibitors into the plastic of your boat to give superior protection from ultraviolet light. However, to ensure a long lasting appearance and maximum color brightness, be sure to store your boat out of direct sunlight. By following these simple storage tips, you will maximize the aesthetic value of your kayak:

• always store your kayak indoors or under cover, and out of direct sunlight
• store kayak on edge, upside down, standing or hanging horizontally
• when hanging, run straps around boat near the cockpit, not around ends
• do not use drainage holes or toggle handles to hang kayak -- doing so may distort shape
• do not hang kayak with bottom facing down -- doing so may cause distortion
• run lockable cables through drainage holes for added security
• kayak storage systems are available to buy from us, call for details!

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